Chattahoochee Hills

About the City​​​​​​​

In 2007, community residents ended a year-long debate, weighing the pros and cons of forming their own city.

On the "pros" side, they would have more control over the development of their area.  

They could elect local representatives who would strengthen and develop the Chattahoochee Hill Country overlay, embracing the idea of concentrating development in the town nodes and preserving the rest of the rural area.

On the "cons" side, there were many unknowns. Could its meager tax base sustain basic services? Would the neighbors they chose be qualified enough to start and run a town? Could a community of 2,150 do enough to preserve its rural values?

On June 19, 2007, nearly 50% of the 1,381 eligible voters cast their ballots in the referendum to incorporate the City of Chattahoochee Hill Country. of Chattahoochee Hill Country. 569 residents voted Yes, and 112 voted No.

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